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I use she/her pronouns in my narration for now, until/unless canon tells me otherwise. Considering the last word we get on Pidge's gender is her saying "I'm a girl," and at SDCC they confirmed, it seems like the most likely pronouns we've got. However, I'm still playing her as gender fluid, since I honestly can't read her as anything else. This will mostly manifest as her not really bothering to correct people if they use other pronouns. She's aware of how she presents herself and clearly likes it enough that she has not changed. If she really cared, she could dress/act differently. Though it isn't a secret anymore, she's probably still not gonna tell people unless they ask or she gets very close to them. Why talk about gender when she could be talking about science?

Hopefully that makes sense and works for people! I am always happy to take feedback or answer questions as they come up.
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Player: Shana
Contact: [ profile] antivillain
Age: 27
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Pidge
Age: 14
Canon: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Canon Point: End of S2E13 "Blackout"

Background: Wiki!

Personality: Pidge is an intensely private person who keeps a lot of herself very hidden… including, for a very long time, the fact that she's a girl. She doesn't feel comfortable with people, though she's gotten better about it since becoming a Paladin of Voltron. She prefers to spend her time with robots and computers, all of which make more sense to her. In addition, she can be very focused on finding her missing father and brother, sometimes to the exclusion of other important causes. That's part of the reason for all her secrecy: she doesn't dare let anyone in because she can't risk anything getting in her way. When the choice comes down to defending the universe or finding her family, initially, her choice is her family. She's spent a year searching, hacking into computers at the Galaxy Garrison, and when they caught her and threw her out, she disguised herself as a boy and applied to become a cadet. It's worth noting that there are plenty of girls at the Galaxy Garrison. But they had banned Katie Holt, not Pidge Gunderson. It was another level for them to not recognize her.

Being a Paladin of Voltron has been good for her. She's realized that her tunnel vision focus was hurting her team and dedicated herself to the group. She still wants to find her family, but she's turned her extreme focus to Voltron and defeating the Galra Empire instead. She also told her teammates the truth, though it turned out most of them already knew. They accepted her entirely, and it didn't change the way they treated her, or even what they called her. It also didn't change the way she acted. She's still not very feminine, and she doesn't feel the need to change now that she's with people who accept her however she is. She's gained confidence, going from initially anxious and filled with doubts about her suitability as a pilot to a fully committed part of the team, from mostly there for her own reasons to there because that's what being part of a team means, and because the universe needs defending.

Pidge pilots the Green Lion that forms Voltron's left arm. The lion has an inquisitive nature, as does her pilot. Pidge is observant and clever, especially when it comes to computers. She quickly adapts to alien tech, hacking into an enemy drone when she's been away from Earth less than a day and getting it to work for them instead. She reverse engineers altean tech and galra tech and anything she can get her hands on. She likes knowing how things work, and once she knows, she can apply that knowledge and repeat the effect. She reverse engineered an invisible altean maze, then modified her lion to give it cloaking.

She's also very brave, and she has a temper. People often underestimate her since she's so short, but between her wits and speed, she can take on a lot more than anyone expects, and her determination to reach her goals makes her brave. She will not give up ever when her family or friends are on the line. She can be callous, usually not intentionally, but she's not always good at considering other people's emotions. She feels bad afterwards and apologizes when she notices she's done wrong.

She's outspoken, not afraid to call out Lance when he's being sexist or a jerk, and also not afraid to make demands or refuse to follow orders when it goes against her own goals or feelings. Shiro may be the unquestioned natural leader of the Voltron Paladins, but when he told her to stick to the plan despite the possibility of prisoners being kept on the Galra ship, she refused adamantly enough that he changed his mind. She's sarcastic and has a sense of humor. She's fast, both mentally and physically, and she's a lot tougher than she looks.

In addition to Pidge's close relationship to her missing father and brother, she has formed close bonds with her teammates. Lance and Hunk were assigned to her as a team on Earth, and while they have not always been a smooth functioning unit, they do get along. Her relationship with Hunk especially is good because he's also extremely smart, and as an engineer he can keep up with her crazy modifications and help implement them. Keith and Shiro she hasn't known as long, but Shiro knew her father and brother, so he's taken on a sort of surrogate father figure role. He understands what she's going through and knows who she is before anyone else is.

Pidge is smart and determined and filled with curiosity. She will never stop fighting to protect those she loves, and though she makes mistakes, she's very capable of learning from them and improving. She loves technology and her friends, and though she isn't very physically intimidating, when she's pushed, she pushes back.

Abilities: Pidge is a Paladin of Voltron and pilots the Green Lion that turns into Voltron's arm. She's also a wiz with all things technical. She's an expert hacker and capable of playing around with new tech and reverse engineering it so she can apply it to her own projects. She's also fast and agile and very clever. Her bayard takes the form of an electrified green arrow shaped blade that can shoot out to act as either a weapon or a grappling hook. Her uniform has a lot of special features, such as a jetpack, some sort of oxygen apparatus, communication devices in the helmet, and a holographic computer interface on the wrist. She's used this to make an illusion of herself to distract enemies before.

Alignment: Aiada! Envy/Appreciation. Pidge spends a lot of time working with other people's technology, and she absolutely appreciates the work they've done. That being said, she definitely has a tendency to be a little envious too. Both of them come to light in her tendency to take things apart and figure out both how they work and how to adapt them for her own uses. She reverse engineers technology because she appreciates it and because she wants it for herself.



General Sample: log from futuro

Emotion Sample: Test drive prompt A

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Pidge's entire life is spoilers, so if you'd rather avoid, here's your chance to tell me!
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